Own an Enviro-Tech® Franchise

The Right Opportunity

High Demand Services: It is estimated that over 82% of American homes valued at over $150,000 have regular pest control service yet over 50% of homeowners express dissatisfaction with their provider.

Consistent Need: Not treating pest problems is not a solution. Infestations will almost always return.

Competitive Advantages: Many competitors use harsh chemicals that harm the environment and aggravate human and pet allergies. Today, a large percentage of the population seeks companies like Enviro-Tech that are environmentally conscious.

Marketing Assistance: Enviro-Tech franchisees are thoroughly trained in advertising techniques to ensure a successful start-up.

Protected Territory: Each unit has a clearly defined territory within which only you will be permitted to operate.

Loyal Customers: Our system's success has been built on creating outstanding customer service. When customers have a problem, we respond promptly and courteously. This reduces account loss and generates referral business.

Home Office: Our franchisees usually start from a home office of 120 to 300 square feet. As they grow, they often move to a small commercial office.

Low Staff Needs: You only need a handful of employees to run a successful Enviro-Tech franchise. Many start solo and add technicians and salesmen only as increased sales dictate.

Low Investment: Your office equipment, a late model pick-up truck, and $3,500 to $4,500 of equipment is all you need to open. Reserve cash to cover expenses until you reach break-even should be $5,000 to $10,000 depending on your expenses and your business decisions. We expect most will have invested around $40,000 before they reach break-even.

On-Going Assistance: We and our network of experienced franchisees are only a phone call away to help you with any questions regarding the best way to run your Enviro-Tech Pest Services franchise.

Corporate R&D: Enviro-Tech Pest Services is constantly evaluating new products, techniques, equipment, pricing, and marketing ideas to keep our concept fresh and your opportunity strong.

Franchise Training School: A two week training school for two in Charles Town, West Virginia will teach you everything you need to know to open, manage, and succeed in your Enviro-Tech Pest Services franchise.


The Right Industry

A pest control franchise capitalizes on one of Mother Nature's renewable resources-insects and related pests like termites, spiders and cockroaches, plus squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats and assorted birds. Whether they're foraging for food or seeking a warm home, they're unwanted by home owners and businesses. Once the problem arises, most of those affected seek solutions that won't cause harm to their children, family members with health problems, their pets or the environment.

The Right Company

 Enviro-Tech Pest Services allows you to start from home with a small investment and build a strong business based on long-term customers sending regular payments on their contracts.

Enviro-Tech Pest Services' outstanding training prepares you to effectively market your business and grow your company on the pillars of quality service and customer satisfaction. This produces low account turnover and strong recommendations from clients.

Enviro-Tech Pest Services' management team has over 50 years industry experience and currently operates our sister company that services West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania from three (3) offices. That company employs 31 employees and operates 20 service trucks and qualifies the team to guide you in your new franchise.

The Right Time

Franchisee Pre-Qualification

1-3 months
3-6 months
6-12 months
More than 1 year

Over $100,000