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Do you feel like you have no hope against ants? You're not alone; ants are one of the most common pest problems reported. These tiny scavengers can cause a variety of hazards and damage depending on the type of ant that has invaded your home. Carpenter Ants can even cause structural damage, while many others can contaminate your food.

There are many kinds of ants that can cause headaches for homeowners but rest assured your Enviro-Tech® Service Specialist will be able to provide an ant extermination service to protect you and your property. 

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When you call Enviro-Tech® you’re calling a locally owned and operated company; we service the community we live in. We value your time, so when you call you’ll speak to a live operator and we’ll schedule a service time that is convenient for you.

Each of our service specialists are carefully screened during a lengthy interview process. We background check and drug test all employees and make them undergo extensive classroom and on the job training before they can service homes by themselves. When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that Enviro-Tech® has sent a true professional to your home.

Enviro-Tech® provides a zero obligation, free inspection and estimate. Our certified service specialist will take the time and care to thoroughly explain treatment options, pricing and what is best for your situation. We believe in professional service that is convenient as well as effective.

 We Exterminate Ants In Three Steps!

  1. Inspect – We will conduct a free, zero obligation home inspection to identify the source of your Ant problem.
  2. Customize – We work with you to customize our Protection Plan to ensure that the Ants are exterminated now, and that you are protected in the future against Ants and other pests invading your home and property.
  3. Eliminate – Get rid of the Ants for good.

 What to expect from our treatment

Instead of just applying a barrier around your home’s foundation like most ant exterminators, we realize that we need to focus on your property’s entire environment. Thereby we reduce all ant pressure invading your property. Taking this approach allows us to also target the source of the ant infestation. We identify and target the source of your ant and other pest problems making sure you get the best ant control possible.

On each visit, we make sure that we thoroughly treat any place that ants and other pest live, hide, and breed. We especially inspect and treat as needed inside your closets, attic, and basement so ants have no hiding places and are completely exterminated. We also treat entry points that they use to access your home, such as windows, doors, vents, and conduit. No entry, no escape = ant elimination!

Outside, we check woodpiles, sheds, barns and other structures for ant nests. We reduce underground ant colonies with our professional baiting program. We inspect your bushes, shrubs, plants, and lawn for ant and insect issues and address them as needed. We treat every area of concern from your front property line to your back fence line, including porches, stairs, and crawl spaces. Special attention is given to the cracks and crevices in your sidewalks, patio, and barbecue areas. Our ant control is a customizable part of our Enviro-Care™ Program. Ant solutions are included on every level of the program from Bronze to Platinum. Under this effective pest management protection plan we even inspect for, remove, or treat spider webs and wasp nests on the eaves of your home. We also inspect and remove any webs or nests from sheds and children’s playsets. We treat the vents on the outside of your home to keep insects out of your attic. We treat your storage shed and garage at no extra cost. If you have a pool, we treat the deck area up to the coping and around the pool equipment where ant and other pest live and breed. 

Outside Treatment: We apply an invisible barrier around your home to protect against further ant and pest infestations. We then treat windows and doors, as well as under siding, to keep the pests out. We will also place granular bait in your flower and mulch beds so that bait is taken back to any potential ant nests, destroying them.

For the past 29+ years we’ve helped protect over 60,000 homes. Join our family of happy clients today and find out why we are the area’s preferred Pest Control Professionals. 

Our Guarantee

At Enviro-Tech® Pest Services, we guarantee our Enviro-Care™ Program as your treatment and protection plan for the life of the service agreement. If any new Ant problems or other covered pests show up, we will treat immediately and at no cost to you.

The barriers we put in place to protect your home and family against pests will naturally break down over time. This is why over the course of the year we will regularly reapply treatments to ensure your home is protected. For more details on our treatment schedule read more under our Enviro-Care Program page or give us a call and let us show you why we are the best ant exterminators around!